Akar: HGS 'Fast-growing robbery' turned

Akar: HGS 'Rapidly evolving robbery' has turned. CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, in order to be faster and more economical in the 2012 system, which is implemented in place of the KGS and OGS HGS'nin law proposal to solve the problems created by the Parliament gave.
Akar is investing approximately 22 Million TL on the date of application of the 17.12.2012 HGS vehicle owners reading errors, even though the price does not exceed, the system does not read during the transition and illegal toll cuts, motorway drivers in the same city, for example, should be charged with 1.75 TL 175 TL gave the Parliament a Law Proposal, stating that it did not take the necessary steps to solve the grievances of thousands of citizens.
Mentioning that there were approximately 2013 million HGS subscribers in 6, Akar stated that his system created problems in all provinces, and that these problems were also included in the reports of the Court of Accounts, and that "Renewal of hardware and software, promotion, additional features according to needs. kazan“Additional investments that will be necessary to eliminate the shortcomings and disruptions that may occur”.
2013 million 10 thousand vehicles leaked 463 1 162 XNUMX XNUMX year of the year, stating that the company is a penalty of XNUMX XNUMX million said that the penalty for any complaints about the complaints and petitions, and the citizens of the legal regulations on the elimination of grievances, he said.
Akar, HGS'den cut off the length of the penalties and the notification is not made in periods such as 1 years, and the interest rates of citizens together with numbers such as 10 thousand 40 thousand TL to prevent the criminal proceedings to be limited to the distance past the drivers and notifications in the 1 month stated that should be done.
According to Akar, it is beneficial to change the period of 7 in the law for the period of the 15 day which is Bu the period of time to pay the toll without paying the tolls, mes which is unjustly penalized vehicle drivers. the 30 1 of the 5 before the changes take effect. and 1. In the 15 months after the law has been enacted, the objections made by the vehicle owners to the Regional Directorates of the Highways are examined within the XNUMX days. As a result of these reviews and evaluations, the penalties of those whose objections are justified are canceled and if the payment is made, they are returned to the vehicle owners together with the legal interest from the date of payment. He has given judgment. If the law is enacted, the problem of thousands of citizens who are victims of HGS's systemic errors will be solved.

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