Accidents in Uludag Talked in Parliament

Accidents in Uludağ were discussed in Parliament: CHP Bursa deputy and party council member Sena Kaleli carried the fatal accidents that took place in Uludag, the favorite center of winter tourism, to the parliamentary agenda.

CHP Bursa deputy and Party Councilor Sena Kaleli, the focal point of winter tourism in Uludag, 25 and 27 January, two days between the fatal accidents occurred on the agenda of the parliament.

Kaleli, 8-year-old Elif Uymuşlar from Uludağ for the semester break, Necla Aladağ of 49, wanted to explain the causes of these accidents which led to the death of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which resulted in the deaths of the accident and caused the loss of life and property. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the Ministry of Forestry, the General Directorate of National Parks and General Directorate of Highways there is a conflict of authority between the Uludag-related questions prepared by Kaleli, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun prepared the request to respond to the Parliament presented the proposal. Kaleli'nin Uludag, the parliamentary questions about accidents in Uludag is included in the following statement:

X Fatal accidents occurred in two days between 25 and 27 January in Uludağ, the favorite center of winter tourism in our country, carried the security measures in ski resorts back to the public agenda. Elif Uymuşlar who came to Uludağ for the semester breaks, lost her balance while sledding and fell to the stream bed and died despite all efforts. Necla Aladağ, 8, was seriously wounded as a result of a car crashed on an icy road in Uludağ but could not be saved. This situation negatively affects the region and also leads to questioning of the ski resorts.

However, in all ski resorts in developed countries, special areas are created for snow sports (sledding, ski cross country, ski jumping, snowboarding, snowtubing, land motor tours), and a separate runway and lifts are organized for first time learners. In addition to this, there is a confusion of authority between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Forestry, General Directorate of National Parks and General Directorate of Highways in Uludağ. Which institutions and organizations do the authority and responsibility of the ski areas in our country, especially Uludağ, regulate the ski areas, determine the tracks and tracks and take security measures in these areas?

Are ski resorts in our country in line with international standards? Which are the ski slopes, ski cross country, ski, ski jumping and snowboarding? Do you have any work as a ministry in this regard? 25 and 27 January in Uludag with Elif Uymuşlar Necla Aladag died in the death of an accident related to the death? How does the safety and health system work on these tracks? Is there a pavement on the road to Uludağ where pedestrians can walk? Are the allegations that the General Directorate of Highways does not permit the construction of pavements? Has a study been started within the framework of cooperation with other institutions on the cause of the accidents that occurred frequently in Uludağ and caused by the loss of life and property?

Is the team and the equipment sufficient for security, search and rescue activities related to the negativities that may occur in Uludağ? Do the gendarmerie teams in the region have the necessary training? Are there any signs, periodical maintenance and inspections of the hotel runway markings, teleskies and chairlifts and illuminations in Uludag? Which institutions and organizations are responsible for this? Will there be a study on the collection and supervision activities of all the regulation and supervision activities, from transportation to the ski slopes, to the ski resorts where the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Culture and Tourism, Youth and Sports Ministries, municipalities and Highways directorates are authorized? decision was taken at the meeting of Uludağ National Park Coordination Board held in Uludağ on 36.

Which of these substances has been functioning in the intervening period? Following the fatal accidents, sending a circular to all unlicensed enterprises will not bring back the lost lives or will it be a deterrent in the lives of the lives that will be lost if the measures are not taken? Is there a solution for pedestrians and picnickers with the pollution caused by the so-called tours organized by dozens of buses that are not known who are on weekends and semester breaks? In the 2009 Uludag "Turkey's Davos" is making me promise to protect the validity? After six years, what steps have been taken?