The board was alive if there was a flexible barrier instead

He was alive if there was a flexible barrier instead of the board: Mehmet Akif Koyuncu, a university student in 25 who was a student of university in Palandöken, Erzurum, lost his life by slamming with wooden cushions separating the tracks while he was sliding with cushion in the closed area. The use of soft, flexible materials on the tracks was the subject of great criticism.

'Reduce danger'
Yahya Usta (Head of Uludağ-based Ski and Snowboard Teachers Association): The practice in Erciyes can be adequate in certain places. Nice application that can reduce the danger. However, the solution to this is to make a separate place for the sled. It must be a runway for everyone. The engine runway is separate, the runway track is separate, the ski track is separate. As ski teachers on the supervision of centers we provide our support. We're reporting dangerous areas.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:13

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