Zincirlikuyu expired flooded metrobus flights canceled

Zincirlikuyu expired flooded metrobus flights canceled: Beylikdüzü Zincirlikuyu metro stops stopped. Zincirlikuyu metro stops stopped due to snow due to the end of the queues occurred. So Zincirlikuyu twitter also entered the ball list and left room for incredible pictures. Zincirlikuyu also surprised what people would be surprised


In Istanbul, which had a troubled day due to heavy snowfall, the metrobus services stopped. Metrobuses going from Beylikdüzü to Zincirlikuyu direction stopped suddenly. Metrobuses, which could not advance due to snowfall, had a hard time for passengers.


Passengers who could not progress due to snowfall started to leave the vehicles. After a while, the snowblowers cleared some of the road, causing the metrobus to re-run, but after a short while the metrobus stopped again.



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  1. There is no Metro in Zincirlikuyu, the picture belongs to Metrobus. Metrobus service has stopped.