Domestic support block from Tork Prefabrik (Video)

Domestic bearing block from Tork Prefabrik: The production facility of Tork Prefabrik, operating in Kayseri, is located in Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone in Kayseri and has a total area of ​​12.000m2, 48.000 m2 of which is closed. Known for its reputation and reliability in the sectors in which it operates, Tork carries out its corporate plans, strategies and goals on the basis of sustainability.

With this long-term perspective, the past Ganem construction and Torque envisages to be a bridge between present and future, prefabricated, Kayseri and Turkey to upgrade Turkey's brand value through investment and cooperation in general and the leading company in the industry a company on a mission.

The company that produces bearing blocks for Kayseray with local facilities seems to continue to talk a lot about itself with its panel retaining walls.



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