The signaling problem in Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line

Signaling problem in Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line: Hanefi Caner, former Rail System Department Head of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, said that there is a problem in signaling in addition to the errors in the tunnel on the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line of the metro.

Hanefi Caner, the former Head of Rail System Department, who was kept on the sled for 11 years in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, added a new one to the striking statements he made to Egeli Sabah regarding the Üçyol-Uçkuyular line of the metro. Caner claims that the signaling system that regulates the train traffic in the tunnel with a total length of 300 kilometers and used by an average of 5.5 thousand people a day is problematic; “While preparing the tender dossier, municipal bureaucrats made a big mistake. For the signaling works on the line, the world-renowned Siemens paid 22.5 million dollars, and the Swedish company, which performed the signaling works of the Üçyol-Bornova line, 18 million Euros. The municipal bureaucrats, on the other hand, put an estimated cost of 15 thousand TL in the tender specifications for the signaling works in the tunnel ”and drew attention to the gap between them.

Hanefi Caner emphasized that putting a price of 22.5 thousand liras with today's money as the estimated cost in the tender specifications for the work that would normally cost 15 million dollars under normal conditions explains everything, and continued as follows: “The companies participating in the tender are not expert and competent companies. they did not notice this error and bid. When Bozoğlu heard about $ 22.5 million, he left the job unfinished. Seeing this table said, 'Metro does not trust or crash. Can you imagine the absurdity of saying 'I don't worry about the soundness of the subway, they are misbehaving, they are speaking wrong'? It is such a team that it determines the cost of exploration as if putting a traffic light at the crossroads for 15 thousand liras. Security guards at the stations manage the train sets with radios due to the problem in signaling. Reminding that the Üçyol-Üçyuyular line was awarded to Bayındır İnşaat for 90 million liras at that time, Caner continued his striking statements as follows: “When Bayindir could not do the job, the work, which was previously tendered for 90 million lira, was given to Bozoglu for 136 million lira.

Moreover, Bayındır had done some work and left before the contract was terminated. Bozoğlu is a company that does not know the electromechanical part of the business. There are 450 exploration items in the tender dossier. The companies participating in the tender were given a period of 1 week. Firms also gave funny offers without being able to examine the discovery pens properly, as they were inexperienced in metro and did not know the business. When they got into it, they were surprised at what they were going through. If it were a company with experience, it would have noticed the mistake made while examining the tender file, and would see that the signaling business cost 15-20 million dollars, not 25 thousand liras, and would object. This job is just like writing a price of 5 lira for a Mercedes brand car. Will it be a Mercedes for 5 liras? Neither Alarko, Yapı Merkezi, nor Italian Astaldi entered this tender. They didn't even offer. The guys will enter the tender, they are asking the municipality about the specification. The municipality could not even answer the questions asked. You open a tender, you invite men, you say 'come and bid for the tender'. But as a municipality, you do not even answer the question the men ask. Because there are no bureaucrats in the municipality who have technical competence to answer the questions. Such a terrible process ...

Like I said, it collapsed, there were cracks. Subway construction is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Because no matter what tunnel you build, these are tunnels that will last for hundreds or even thousands of years. These are permanent, large constructions. You see, there were a lot of crashes during construction. The measures taken were extremely ignorant and wrong. " In a statement to Egeli Sabah, Caner said that the tunnels were trimmed to secure the gauge in the subway construction, and this process, which resembles thinning the columns of the building, poses a serious risk in terms of security.

Caner claimed that the signaling problem between Üçyol and Üçkuyular could not be solved, although the line was opened for passenger voyages; “Because of the problem in signaling, the security guards at the stations manage the train sets with radios. Perhaps they will completely change the signalization system in the coming period. According to the sensations we received, they will have the Chinese people re-do the signaling. They also took the wagons from there. Put the wagons we bought on one side and the wagons coming from China on the other. These wagons will be used for decades. Today, everyone knows the competitive power of China and the cheapness of the products it sells. But of course, the quality changes according to the price, ”he said.

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  1. First of all, Izmir B.-B. We are grateful for this service. But that's not the point.
    Not every claim in this discussion is right, but wrong! But RAYHABERIn a comment I wrote to a news article on this subject, I briefly stated what could be done. Ex.: against BBILIRKISI report, but also from experienced real tunnel specialist companies, ie from Austrian, Swiss, German, northern Italians. In this way, we can both ride and travel in this system in inner peace and security, and this witch kazanWait a minute, we can say okay, and the discussion that we do not know whether it is necessary or unnecessary comes to an end. Because “informed, irrelevant and relevant ignorant” who are abundant in every corner are talking. Such things never happen in technology, can't, shouldn't happen.
    Immediately by taking a defensive position, with a reflexive instinct, please don't object. See YHT, an uncle and his wife in Istanbul-Ankara last week, an uncle and his wife forgot to come down in Eeskişehir stop, 20km back to Eskisehir, left the passenger, again, continued on the direction of Ankara. This event, behavior, work esine damage to mind, is the root of the philosophy of this work. A complete song is a shame. THEREFORE THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE LOVE IS BUT NOT THERE.

  2. Alarms; Having lots of benefit. But if it's not necessarily, then it's not. Especially at this low density ler The main reason for what is written is usually the natural result of mer'i procurement law and the crippled system and other factors. No one who asks, does not have enough information. Those who claim otherwise; With everything, the result is obvious. In Japan, the world's busiest YHT traffic is in Japan and the stroke / ride time is short. The reason for this is the fact that the mind does not imagine at first glance is very simple, BECAUSE Shinkansen rushouer try to enter the station during the main peak hours without signaling, only with station attendant and mechanic skills enters, stops + frees disciplined passengers, loads new ones + moves under human control. You cannot reach the speed of this system with no signaling. However, you can also reduce the likelihood of human-induced accidents by creating only highly disciplined system routines.
    So this system is not for us! The simplest counter example: you can see the sheep herd like a herd of sheep in front of the door. Izmir is a brand new, that is, in a transportation system where habits have not yet emerged, it has historically missed a historical opportunity, that is, a system unique to it and it has missed it. This is due to a lack of knowledge, manners, custom, skills, experience Bu. There are no gimmicks. The political aspect of the critique is none. The use of politically biased, disparate shame, ungodlyness, singing example.
    It is undisputed that we have food ovens full of bread.