Xnumx Thousand TL Compensation to be paid to the family of Çaycuma Bridge

630 Thousand Lira Compensation Will Be Paid To The Family Of Those Who Died On Çaycuma Bridge: Compensation lawsuit was concluded in Zonguldak's Çaycuma district, where 3 people died 15 years ago.
In Zonguldak's Çaycuma district, a compensation lawsuit was concluded regarding the bridge disaster that killed 3 people 15 years ago. Çaycuma Municipality, where 11 people died and 4 people still could not be found due to the bridge disaster, was sentenced to pay a total of 7 thousand lira to the heirs of 630 people who died this time by the Zonguldak Administrative Court.
Despite the expert report that there are defects and responsibilities in the bridge disaster, the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Municipality of Çaycuma, Kastamonu Governorate for the Kastamonu Regional Directorate of Highways, and the Zonguldak Governorate for the 232th Branch Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) were not granted an investigation permit. Appeals made by the relatives of the deceased to the Council of State were also rejected.
Zonguldak Administrative Court, on the other hand, found the General Directorate of Highways and DSI 232. Branch Directorate related to the Çaycuma bridge disaster defective and found it imperfect to 'neglect the duty of inspection'. The families who claimed that the highways and DSI were also defective, objected to the decision through their lawyers and brought the case to the Council of State.
In the decision of the Zonguldak Administrative Court, “Çaycuma Municipality was responsible for the control and maintenance of the rockfill barrier (1 year before the incident) established on 18 April 2011 (XNUMX year before the incident) in order to prevent the carving of the bridge subject to the dispute. It was concluded that there was no service defect and compensation responsibility in the case of dispute, since DSI General Directorate did not have duties and powers regarding bridge maintenance and repair ”.
FAMILIES RESPONSE: Are the victims dead?
Selahattin Güner, the father-in-law of Hayriye Güner (2), the mother of 34 children who died in the disaster, reacted to the absence of those responsible. Güner said, “15 people died here. This court has been going on for 3 years. Here, they see the mayor, highways and DSI without guilt. Then I say, is the crime ours? Did we break this bridge? I have 2 grandchildren. These kids have to go to college. They lost their 34-year-old mother. How is this justice, how is the law? How many times has the letter come to us, 'Mayor, you cannot be a plaintiff about DSI by highways'. So are we the culprit? Who's the culprit here? Who will punish these 15 dead people? ” used the expression.
Mayor of Çaycuma Bülent Kantarcı made statements. Kantarcı said, “There is a quirk in the middle. Before the criminal case is concluded and the responsible is uncertain, decisions are made as if our municipality was guilty. And we started to pay court fees against it. Shows the state in which the judicial system in Turkey. If a situation related to the collapse of the foot of the bridge has occurred, first degree Highways and second degree DSI should be responsible. We have very serious evidence about them. We are appealing with this evidence and we believe that this unfair decision will be disrupted as well. ” said.
Mayor Kantarcı answered the question as to whether the maintenance of the bridge has been transferred to the municipality and said: “I have removed the highways from my network of highways. It is as if you automatically removed from the network of highways. After all, it is not the weakness of the bridge that caused the bridge to collapse; The front wall is demolished and the water discharged from there empties under the feet. This is the main technical reason. Therefore, the municipality has no authority or duty in this regard. The maintenance, correction, renewal and soundness inspection of the front rock fill wall belongs to Highways and DSI ”
In Zonguldak on April 6 2012, 11 found that people in the van with the 4 people Yolgeçen village on foot, with the tide Çaycuma bridge collapsed seized had lost his life. The period between Çaycuma Mayor Mithat Wendy's Wendy's father Kemal also (79) 11 where the person was found dead. Although 3 years have passed through the disaster, Sezgin Gülşen, niece of Mithat Gülşen, housewife Kadın Saraç (21), Tahir Özkara (49) and Necati Azaklıoğlu (66) are still unavailable.

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