Yildiztepe with its mild climate

Review of Yıldıztepe Kayaksever with mild climate: Ilgaz Mountain in Turkey's lowest-lying ski resorts of Yıldıztepe to, are favorable climatic conditions, thus pleases the growing interest in tourism in Çankırı Ski Coaches Association President Half: "You suffer a lot on weather conditions at high altitudes, enjoyable skiing climate downsides.

Ilgaz Mountain in Turkey thousand 400 meters in height with the lowest altitude of the ski resorts Yıldıztepe, high mountains and surrounding forests from adverse climatic conditions thanks to the installation of kayaksever was reported to increase the interest of the less affected.

Gazi University School of Physical Education and Sports Faculty Member and Çankırı Ski Trainers Association President Asst. Assoc. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), İmdat Half said that Yıldıztepe Ski Center has tracks registered by the International Ski Federation.

Stating that the facility attracts the attention of those who come to the region for daily and accommodation with the opening of the ski season, Yarım said, “Yıldıztepe has many different features compared to other ski resorts. Turkey does not have a ski resort at an altitude of 400 thousand. "Uludağ's hotels area is 2 thousand meters, Erciyes is 2 thousand 200 meters, and Erzurum city center is 850 meters."

Stating that the low altitude has advantages, he said, “You are exposed to the weather at high altitudes, enjoyable skiing can prevent adverse climate conditions. In the past days, ski lifts and rope fibers did not work in many ski centers due to lodos. Since Yıldıztepe has a low altitude and is surrounded by mountains and forests, chairlifts and rope carriers served very comfortably. Ski lovers flocked here, too, ”he said.

Registered ski run track

Half stating that Turkey's cross-country skiing track in the first race of the registered Yıldıztepe Ski, Ski Federation made by international norms for registration of cross country track 2 voiced found here.

Assistance Half, a thousand 800 meters above the ski resort due to the height of the ski races could not be done by stressing, said:

"Many well above this altitude ski resort in Turkey. Yıldıztepe is more fortunate than other ski centers due to its low altitude. Thanks to the tracks in the center, many ski branches can be done at the same time. This makes Yıldıztepe stand out compared to other centers. Due to its low altitude, this place has a milder climate. People prefer this place because of these features.