Pamukova-Vezirhan road renewal workers were given a certificate of appreciation (Photo Gallery)

Pamukova-Vezirhan road renewal workers were given a certificate of appreciation: Pamukova-Vezirhan TCDD 1. Regional Road Management personnel were given a certificate of appreciation.

TCDD 1. Regional Directorate of 2014 166.708 meter road renewal work by doing the year, within the framework of the possibilities of the organization of the pavilions of Pamukova-Vezirhan pose in the 23 January 2015, service purchases by the Inonu-Vezirhan exposure studies were completed on February 02 2015.

In the work of Pamukova-Vezirhan road renewal, 08.10.2014 was renewed at the end of 59 by 48,765. 10 2014 2027 827 23.01.2015 during the day of this work with the most daily renewal was done with the XNUMX meter. Pamukova-Vezirhan road renovation works were completed on XNUMX by making a daily average XNUMX meter thanks to the outstanding efforts of the staff despite the severe winter conditions.

1.Region Manager Metin Akbas, in this pose working on behalf of the staff representing the staff working in this line, road renewal engineer and road renewal machine received his head mail office. Akbaş received information on the works and congratulated the staff for their outstanding performance. 1. Regional Manager and Regional Assistant Directors received a certificate of appreciation for their work.

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