National YHT Service Procurement Tender Canceled

National YHT Services Procurement Tender participant was Olmayinca Canceled: Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) by the National High Speed ​​Train (YHT) to drop the "Industrial Projects Consultancy Services Procurement of" participating companies was canceled because it had occurred. The contractor General Directorate of Goods and Services Procurement Commission Chairman Ekrem Turan and commission members, in a tender held on TULOMSAS facility pre-tender document area Altra from Italy, Poland, the ECU Engineering, Germany from LOGOMOTIVE, Switzerland Prose and Turkey HAVELSAN and Figes Company expects to offer up to 14.00 hours. Turan, said the companies did not participate in the tender, said: m Our tender hours began as of 14.00. We were expecting the 6 main company to bid. There are no bidders at this time. Şu

Turan explained that the tender will be held in two stages: We were waiting for the pre-qualification documents to be presented in our current tender. If we had one participant, we would take the pre-qualification documents from them and check if they were reasonable. We were going to do an 19 document check, but we didn't do this because the participant didn't. We would make a tender between certain requests with reasonable and pre-qualified documents. He would submit proposals in the tender, we would evaluate them. We will explain the tender price in the tender. As there are no firms presenting the prequalification document, we are closing our tender here. This tender is canceled in this way. Our Board of Directors and General Directorate are authorized for the next tender. They will decide how the next tender will be held. Sonraki

Turan added that the concept design tender of the National HRC was over and the tender which was canceled was the second tender for this.

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