This is the commuter line that will be operational in March 2015 (Photo Gallery)

This is the suburban line that will be operational in March 2015. Gebze- which constitutes the 80 part of the Marmaray projectHalkalı line 4 could not be completed over the years.

Millions of liras Halkalı- Even though the suburban line X will be completed in 2011 hat, 4 has not finished for years. The company stopped working when it came to a halt due to the cost increase, things were left unfinished. There were dumps along the route, which thought that the construction sites were idle. Delayed project, people who use the line has been victimized.

To examine the Marmaray route, TODAY, the scandal brought to light the truth. Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı line, according to plan 15 had to be opened after the day. The Haydarpaşa-Pendik line was to be completed in June. Within the scope of the project, Gebze-Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci-Halkalı OHL firm, which was awarded the tender for the improvement of suburban lines, announced that they had reached a standstill due to the cost increase in the tender they received in October last year with the offer of 1 billion 42 million euros.


The Ministry of Transport stated that the Ministry of Transport has allocated a new amount of 2015 billion dollars to the TCDD at 9,5, and that the companies are depressed due to the piece tender of the 76 kilometer line. Karakurt said, er The firm gave the job to the subcontractors. The room went and gave it to a subcontractor. This is one of the reasons companies delay the project. This project will not open before 2018 Bu.


Officials of the Spanish OHL firm claimed that there was no stoppage. After the improvement works, the company officials said that the works were started again, tek The works were started again. Some corrections and improvements were made through the projects. There is no stop event, in fact, some studies in the sense of improvement continues yok.


Cemal Gökçe, President of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, stated that only the 76 kilometer was constructed from the 13 kilometer route and said, al The project has returned to the dump. We can't find out what's going on in the projects. The problems with the contractor were hidden. Müt

An Unplanned Project

World-famous Turkish architect Dogan Hasol also said: X Marmaray is not only the 13 that is opened but a kilometer. There are suburban lines removed for Marmaray. Those who have been using these lines have been waiting for the project to finish ”.

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