Trial process for 24 hour metro expeditions in London began (Video)

In London, the trial period for 24 hour metro expeditions began: In London, the capital city of England, the test service for the subway service was launched.

Starting from September, Friday and Saturday nights, the service that will relax transportation also caused controversy. One of the biggest concerns is whether the bill of metro flights will be cut to passengers.

If the London public transport rates are not high, the 24 hour metro services should start:

Fikir I don't go out as late as I am when I'm young, but it's a good idea for people to walk around the city. So people won't be on the street late at night. Bö

In If ticket prices don't increase, why not? If 24 needs hourly service, it's okay for me. X

Another concern is the negative impact of municipal buses serving at night. Trade unions will remain open for the 24 hour on the same route with the metro lines will be reduced by one-third argues.

Speaking on behalf of the TSSA union, Luke Chester says the first year will be a loss of 20 million pounds. Our concern is that other services will be reduced and employees will be dismissed to find this resource. Bizim

Transport for London (TfL), the organization responsible for public transport, said they had reviewed the bus and metro routes, and promised that the public would be consulted before taking this decision.

If the trade unions are justified, a new wave of strikes can be expected in the capital. In fact, as a result of the austerity policies, the closing of ticket booths and the introduction of the machines had caused the deportation activities in London.

Two days a week 24 will serve hours of metro services but 17 is estimated to profit from years later.



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