Italian railway companies to cooperate with Turkish companies

requests for cooperation with Turkish companies on the Italian railway companies: The project implemented by Italy's Tuscan Regional Government, a group of Tuscany firms in 5-7 March 2015 date to assess the possibilities of cooperation with Turkish companies in Turkey will carry out a visit. The details of the members of the Tuscany Region Railway Technologies Clusters that will participate in the meetings to be held within the scope of the Istanbul Eurasia Rail 2015 Fair are given below.

You are asked for an appointment at a time when your company representative is available.

Please contact us for more information.

  1. Project Srl.
    Design and development of automation systems,
    Design and construction of automation, remote control and monitoring low voltage panels,
    Server, PC, panel PC, PLC, industrial electronics, sensors and electromechanical actuators, all necessary components
    Design, supply, configuration and testing of active components for local area network for offices and industry
    Evaluation, design and implementation of security systems with qualified TÜV FSE specialists
    Design and development of certified or certified software according to CEI EN 50128 (railway signaling software) norms
    Localized or distributed SCADA systems and integration applications, control and remote control (ABB, COPA-DATA, Citect, GE, Invensys / Wonderware, Progea, Schneider, Siemens)
    Designing and developing software modules and hardware / software for gateway functions and M2M interface (from machine to machine)
    Vertical integration analysis and development as interdepartmental business applications, databases / data warehouses, Enterprise Resource Planning layer
    Training and technical consultancy to meet customer requirements regarding the services provided
  2. Stern Progetti Srl (website under construction)
    Design of materials related to railway vehicles and systems
    Design of test benches and equipment for railway maintenance
    ECM maintenance engineering support
    Instruction manuals for rail vehicles and systems, maintenance and parts catalog
    FEM (finite element method) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculations
    RAM calculation and demonstrations
    Railway accident assessments (reporting)
  3. STM Engineering Srl.
    Manufacture of small mechanical parts for railway
  4. The ICE Ingegneria dei System Elettronici Srl. I
    On board electronic systems and software development
    Integrated fire extinguishing systems
    Monitoring and security systems
  5. Argos Engineering Srl
    Interior design of passenger wagons
    Fire extinguishing systems
    Interior design of the cabin and system design
    HVAC Systems Design
    Vehicle Systems Design
    Design and video animation presentations
  6. EMC Spa.
    Solutions and technologies for the safety, control and development of railway infrastructure
    About the company's solutions
  7. Elfi Srl.
    Design and production of electrical and electronic components
    If you are a participant in the fair, we would like to visit you at your booth.


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