If I Had Brought Fast Train To Karaman Erzincana I Would Be More Happy (Video)

Karaman Erzincana If I had brought a faster train I would be more happy: If I had brought the train to Karaman Erzincan would be happier I would resign from the post of General Director of TCDD Suleyman Karaman, Erzincan, Ak Parti deputy was candidate candidate.

Süleyman Karaman, who resigned from his post as the General Director of TCDD last week, was nominated for Ak Parti deputy from Erzincan. . I would be happier if I had brought a high-speed train to Erzincan, Kar Karaman said.

Suleyman Karaman, who has been working as the General Director of TCDD for nearly 12 years, went to AK Party Provincial Chairmanship as the candidate candidate of Erzincan after his resignation. Suleyman Karaman delivered his application to Orhan Bulut, the AK Party provincial chairman, and gave information about the projects he has realized. Karaman, journalists, 'Do you have a uhde inside?' sor I would have been happier if I had brought a high-speed train to Erzincan. High-speed train construction is now coming from Sivas to Erzincan. Whether I am a deputy or not, I will be a follower of the project. Hopefully the high-speed train will come to Erzincan and benefit from the high speed train of Erzincan. Ankara-Erzincan will be the time of 3. Ankara

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