Yozgat high-speed train to turn into an opportunity

Yozgat high-speed train, which will be completed in 2018, must be turned into an opportunity: Salim Kahramanoğlu, who announced his candidacy from the AK party before the elections to be held on June 7, listed his work.

AK Party Deputy Candidate candidate Salim Kahramanoğlu visited our newspaper.

For a while with the owner of our newspaper, Inan Soyer sohbet Kahramanoğlu said that they never saw politics and parliament as a goal, but only as a means of serving. Stating that they had to determine the potential by breaking the memorization in Yozgat, Kahramanoğlu said, "If we do not know which institution does what job, every suggestion we suggest will make us funny."

Prior to the elections to be held on June 7, Salim Kahramanoğlu, who announced his candidacy from the AK party, listed their work.


Indicating that he has undergone this duty in order to bring his 18 years of bureaucratic knowledge and experience to the service of these lands under the Ministry of Finance, Prime Ministry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Social Security Institution, Kahramanoğlu said, “We will solve Yozgat's gang problems. In this regard, we prepared our projects and programs. We will make the benefit of Yozgat by combining the bureaucratic power with political power. ”


Kahramanoğlu said, “First of all, we should start with the analysis of our potential by breaking the memories. Again, we have to give thanks and appreciation. We have to be constructive even in our criticism. We have to know that we have to make our criticisms with our suggestions. We should not look for our lost values ​​elsewhere. If we do not know which institution is doing which job, every suggestion we suggest makes us funny. In addition, if we do not know about the troubles of our institutions, we will not be able to take any distance only if our business falls and if we call them and be with them. The High Speed ​​Train Project is an extremely important project, and when we think it will end in 2018, we must turn it into a great opportunity. Especially, we can turn the areas where the stations are into a big market and we should start their studies with analysis studies already. ”


Stating that he had a great job in the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Kahramanoğlu made the following explanations: “Organic farming products, which are especially popular with the rich people in big cities, have a large Market. We have to analyze the potential of our province in this field, the work of our Provincial Directorate on this matter and its response in the central organization. The aging of the population has become the biggest problem in the world now. Especially EU countries are suffering from the elderly population clamps. Social security systems have started to crack. At this point, where are we in health tourism? How effectively is our geothermal resources used? How well are the incentives given in this area known? Where are our Independent Accountant Financial Advisors, who advise employers on financial matters?


How co-ordinated are the relevant departments of public institutions and civil society organizations and how effective is Yozgat's development? What kind of problems do our provincial governor's office have? How efficient are they in coordination and what kind of problems do they face?

Without knowledge we have to stop being an opinion. We have to know that we have to pay attention to the fact that every suggestion, criticism and analysis has their feet on the ground.


Great jobs fall on our Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. This Directorate needs to work very closely with NGOs and Local Administrations. Yozgat has a great responsibility in the promotion of? He needs to work very closely with our NGOs in Ankara. The volunteer has to activate the promotional barriers.

I think that the fragmented agricultural lands should be emphasized. If we are doing 10 tractors in our villages, we have to know that we are doing something wrong. We have to know whether our provincial directorate is working on this issue and the analysis. If the villager is taking his food from the city, there is a problem here.

We have to say that we have to challenge our specialized units on how to remove barriers to irrigable irrigable land. We have to think about how to expand the irrigation area of ​​our ponds and dams. If our bureaucrats have projects, these projects are subject to bureaucratic accidents, and if we cannot do something, we have to revise ourselves.

We should set the ground for the investment of large firms with their collective agricultural land. We should think about the possibility of providing thousands of people with this method. We need to duplicate the Kadisehri example. We have to think we have to learn to do business together. I would like to express that we have to push the logic of what I earn or win. We have to know that dry stubbornness will not lead us to places.

Why doesn't the investor come

We have to state that we have to examine why the investor does not come. Are there procedures or other factors? If you need to know we have to look for ways to bring the investor on our backs.

I think that we have to analyze the situation in which İş-Kur Provincial Directorate is in the supply of the labor force sought in employment. In particular, we have to declare that we have to initiate mobilization in training activities in the provision of qualified labor.

We have to express that we have to make realistic analyzes instead of pursuing dry dreams. ”



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