Landslide in Gökçesen 6 blocked access to the village

The landslide in Gökçesen prevented access to the 6 village: the road to 6 village was closed due to the landslide at the head of the new Tokatlı Bridge in Gökçesu, Mengen.
Two years ago in Gökçesu Municipality, the new bridge was a landslide.
In 2013, the foot of the newly constructed South Tokatli bridge collapsed. The bridge in the area, the fans, Kayabasi, Turna, Elemen, Sahbazlar, South Village and Sahbazlar provides transition to the waterfall. The bridge that crashed after the flood last week became dangerous in vehicle crossings. The residents asked for the bridge to be repaired as soon as possible. Transportation vehicles that bring students to the Gökçesu town for transportation, the indirect routes of transportation and prefer to have been stated.

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