Minister Elvan Announces YHT and Metro Activities

Minister Elvan YHT and the Metro Studies found related to: What's Happening? Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made a statement on the works carried out by his ministry.

On the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, Elvan said that the construction works continued, while the Ankara-Izmir line continued to work on the tunnel due to the fact that it is currently winter in the section from Polatlı to Afyonkarahisar.

Elvan said:
“In 2015, we will bid for the people up to Salihli. We have a tender from Afyonkarahisar to Uşak-Banaz. Then we have another slice starting from Banaz, and we have a section up to Salihli. We will be making their construction tenders in 2015. We don't have any problems. We shared our own data and shared our feasibility studies for companies interested in the Ankara-Istanbul high speed train line. We have different domestic companies. We have 5-6 domestic companies interested. We have a feasibility study for 280 kilometers of people from Sincan to Köseköye. Roughly, we see that approximately 100 thousand citizens travel between Ankara and Istanbul daily. A serious need. Some of this is about 10-12 thousand part of travel by plane, 3-4 thousand people are traveling through Eskişehir with our high speed train, there are those who travel by bus and private vehicles. As the Ministry, we will build the high-speed train line of the section from Köseköy to Kocaeli, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Edirne-Kınalı. In other words, we will build the railway line on the Third Bridge starting from Köseköy, and the part from Kınalı to that. We will have double lines over the Third Bridge. We want to bid with the Build-Operate-Transfer model from Sincan to Köseköy. ”

Elvan made a statement on the stage of the works for Keçiören Metro, said:, Our work on Keçiören Metro continues intensively. As of June, we are planning to complete all work and start test drives. So the developments are very good, in the past there have been some shortcomings, our friends are completing, "he said.

. We have a route and we have two different alternatives. We'll choose one of these. We have a project for this. If we decide which of the alternatives, we will start working on more details. One of them is Esenboğa's direct connection to Keçiören and the other alternative is the connection between Ulus and Kızılay. We'll decide on one of these two alternatives. Bu

Sharing figures on the share of domestic production in the Transportation Elven, "Our company has over a thousand in Turkey, especially in the railway sector and growing with each passing day, we have developed our company. I can say this proudly. ”

"We started a work to produce a national high-speed train, the design phase is over," said Elvan. It will reach speeds of up to 300-350 kilometers. Our goal is to do this until 2019; To make the high speed train set, which is completely our own design, using completely domestic equipment. Until we get to this stage, of course we need high speed train sets. In the first place, we will buy 80 high speed train sets. We are going to tender about this in the coming days. There is need, it does not catch up, there are very high demands. He says 'Konya and Eskişehir increase the number of our flights', and so is Istanbul. We don't have enough sets at the moment. We went on to tender 10 sets of trains, which is not enough. Minimum 53 percent of domestic production that would have been the products will be produced in Turkey. We put this in the tender specifications. This high-speed train sets're running the requirement to be produced in Turkey. We are not satisfied with it, we have a third condition. You will put a minimum of 20 local partners, you will definitely find a local partner. The demand is high. ”

"We went through all kinds of processes related to the liberalization of the railways," said Elvan, "We have put the relevant regulations on our website for about 4-5 months. We received the opinions of the companies that produce for the railway of all kinds of non-governmental organizations. We are releasing our regulations in the coming days. We will be released in the first half of this year. We have 1 month. With the transition to liberalization same as in the aviation sector, I believe it would be an incredible demand in Turkey. This will be for both freight and passenger transportation. ”

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