Description of the Public Workers

Explanation Related to Railroad Workers: The State Railways 5. Regional Representative İzzet Açıkbaş said that the personal rights of employees should be improved.

Izzet Açıkbaş, 1972th District Representative, who argued that thousands of workers who have been employed in temporary positions since 5 in the State Railways have been victims, said that workers' salary hikes, working times and personal rights should be improved. Stating that 5 workers are working in the 870th region, which Diyarbakır, Malatya, Elazığ, Batman, Tatvan, Muş and Bingöl are affiliated with, Açıkbaş said, “Around 3 thousand workers across the country are working on repairs, renovation and approval works on railways. Workers are employed in certain periods according to their seniority. In this ranking, workers who work for a maximum of five months, 20 days, and at least 15 days in a year, receive insurance premiums in the number of days they work. Nobody's insurance inflows will take up to six months. ”


Stating that the union cuts 72 lira per employee in the exit of the workers, Açıkbaş said, “According to the seniority order within a year, the union is given a fee of 72 lira from the salary of the workers, who were given out, and re-entered after a while. Both the state and the union are winning this order. Workers are worn out and victimized. ”

Noting that the workers employed on the railways are not employed after the age of 60, Açıkbaş said, “The workers who have reached the age of 60 are dismissed. Even the 2 insurance premium of the workers who have been working for years does not fill. The workers who have reached the age of 60 cannot retire because their insurance premiums are not full, and they cannot work in another job due to old age ”.


Stating that the workers should be regulated on their personal rights, Açıkbaş said, “The workers' personal rights should be improved. It is also among the demands to give employment to the workers who have worked for years without improving their working conditions. ”



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