D-650 Highway Dropping Retaining Wall

D-650 Highway Danger Danger: The D-650 highway extending from Istanbul to Eskişehir and Antalya is threatened by the landslide of Bilecik-Söğüt.
Bilecik-Sogut road crossing of D-650 highway, which extends from Istanbul to Eskisehir and Antalya, is a danger as a result of landslide.
In the Bilecik-Söğüt road section of the D-650 highway, the retaining wall collapsed as a large portion of the filling soil underneath the road slipped. Due to the fact that it was very soft and could not withstand the melting snow waters, the floating soil destroyed the retaining wall, which was made of stone to support the road. As a result of the collapse of the building with no other way to stay, a danger for thousands of vehicles passing through the road.
Roads to the roadside as a result of slipping pontoon signage and the road to the road to close the road, caused the drivers to react.



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