5 Uncovered Bridge Reacts

The Bridge, which has not been built for 5 months, has reacted: In Erzin District of Hatay, the failure to destroy the collapsed bridge in the flood disaster 5 months ago was a reaction. The bridge, located on the Erzin Creek in the Hürriyet District, was destroyed in the flood disaster in the District last September.
Saying that the road passing on the Erzin stream is the lifeblood of the Hürriyet District, the neighborhood headman, Kadir Kurtül. He opened the road temporarily by throwing pipes into the stream in our district municipality. After a while, with the continuation of torrential rains, the temporary road became unusable. As a neighborhood headman, I explained our distress to the authorities. Thereupon, the Metropolitan Municipality, which assessed the problems of our citizens, opened the road for the second time by placing a larger pipe in the stream. But the downpour rains made the stream impassable again. ''
Stating that there are thousands of acres of orange orchards on the other side of the collapsed bridge and about 500 people live in the houses located here, Muhtar Kadir Kurtül said, “There are many citizens here. These citizens have been suffering for 5 months. Students have difficulty in commuting to and from their schools. There is a second road connecting this place to the district, but the room extends the distance by 10 kilometers. We find it difficult to take our sick citizens to the hospital. We want the authorities to make this bridge soundly as soon as possible. ''

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