The floor of the 3 airport must be excavated with loose 30 meters

The ground floor of the 3 airport should be excavated with a loose 30 meter.
The technical team formed with the participation of the ministries of Forestry, Transport, Environment and Development and the investor consortium made some determinations about the area where the 3 Airport will be built in Istanbul. According to this, the ground where the airport will be made, loose soil up to 30 meters deep. The ground needs to be removed from the surface to reach the solid ground (consisting of rock). Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, a while ago 30'de the airport will be built in the investigation on the field. In the meeting attended by the relevant ministries, the studies were reviewed, some of the base of the ground was made. All kinds of development plans for the airport were approved.
Objections from relevant organizations and rooms were evaluated. The area where the airport will be built has been criticized as a natural wetland for birds. It was concluded that this area was later transformed into a bird area and there was no natural wetland.



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