No objection left at the 3rd airport

There is no objection left at the 3rd airport: The objections regarding the 3rd airport, the construction of which has started, have been rejected. "The expropriation limit was included in the plan, other objections were not considered appropriate," Minister İdris Güllüce said.
Turkey's 3rd largest project implemented as one of the airport it was made final adjustments to the zoning plan. As part of the appeal filed by the General Directorate of Highways, "road expropriation limit" was added to the plan. The objections that the construction will cause “ecological destruction, illegal construction and create 2D problems” were not approved by the Ministry. Environment and Urbanization Minister İdris Güllüce said, “3 appeals were received, including the TEİAŞ General Directorate. Within the scope of the appeal application of the General Directorate of Highways, the expropriation limit was included in the plan, and other objections were not considered appropriate. ” Environment Minister İdris Güllüce gave information about the plans for the project and evaluations regarding the objections. Minister Güllüce stated that the Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-MAPA and Kalyon joint venture, which received the tender, did not have any requests from the ministry regarding the plans. Güllüce reminded that with the change of the environmental plan for the project and the zoning plan was suspended between 17 June-6 July 2014, during this period, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Hakkı Sağlam, Hüseyin Sağ, İsa Öztürk, Nadir Ataman, Taner Kozanoğlu and Özgür Aydın said that the appeal was filed. He also stated that apart from the suspension period, there is one appeal filed by TEİAŞ General Directorate.
Güllüce also gave information about the objection issues of the members of the Assembly. Among the objection issues, “3. The city macro form to the north and forest areas, where the construction of the airport deems the 1/100000 scale environmental plan to be invalid, the location should be planned together with the logistics and storage areas, ports and existing airports, which will cause ecological destruction in Istanbul. reminded that it will develop correctly and cause illegal settlements in the catchment basins ”. He also stated that TEİAŞ General Directorate has an objection that the routes of their facilities are not included in the plan.
Ministry of Environment experts evaluated the objections one by one. Appeals outside the General Directorate of Highways were not eligible. Minister Güllüce said: “The expropriation plan that includes the new expropriation limit determined according to this project, which was approved by the administrations of the road and junction arrangements project to enter the 3rd Airport on the D020 Highway and the Northern Marmara Highway, which will be displaced due to the 3rd Airport. According to the Ministry, it was conveyed to the Ministry that the zoning plan limits should be arranged. As a result of the evaluation, the 'road expropriation limit' was included in the plan within the scope of the Highways' appeal application. Other objections regarding the plans were not found appropriate. As a result of the evaluation, no changes were made in the plan notes of the Implementation Plan. ”
Minister Güllüce said that the TMMOB Chamber of Architects and others have filed a lawsuit last year to the Istanbul 6th Administrative Court, demanding that the execution of the environmental and master development plan be stopped and canceled, but no decision has yet been taken.

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