3.Köprü continues to sign firsts (Video)

The 3rd Bridge continues to break grounds: The 3rd bridge project, which will ease the traffic in Istanbul, continues rapidly. started to be brought from Istanbul to Istanbul by sea and from there to the construction site.

The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which includes many firsts, will be the longest suspension bridge in the world in terms of ropes. When the ropes that will carry the bridge are combined, it covers exactly 120 thousand kilometers. So long enough to go around the world three times. Here, the first part of those ropes started to be carried to the bridge for assembly.

Ropes capable of carrying up to 4 thousand 400 tons will also carry loads balanced between the steel deck and the concrete deck on either side of the tower.

1 Pieces will be installed after installation

176 slanted hanger cables will provide the connection between bridge towers and steel decks. It was learned that there will be a number of ropes between 1 and 65 in the cable that will be seen as 151 pieces when the assembly is completed.




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