3. The First Stage of the Airport will be Completed at 2017

  1. The First Stage of the Airport Will Be Completed in 2017: Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir announced that the 3st stage of the 1rd airport will be completed on 29 October 2017.
    Istanbul 3. Speaking about the airport project Özdemir, the amount and capacity as 3. said the airport is the world's largest project. When the project is completed will be an investment of 10,5 billion euros Ozdemir, 200 underlined that they set out to build an airport with a capacity of million passengers.
  2. Reminding that a city will be established here while the airport is being built, Özdemir said that the road was set out with a land of 80 million square meters and it was not easy to find such a land around Istanbul. Reminding that the land in question had been operated as a coal mine for 60-70 years, Özdemir continued his speech as follows: “The materials on it were removed to buy the coal. It was thrown into different places and lakes were formed by rains in the pits opened for coal. A place that does not live in life has emerged. While the State Airports Authority (DHMİ) found this place, it was allocated with the desire to make this area a decent place, that is, to shoot two birds with one stone. The 3rd airport is spoken from east to west, from America to India, and it will continue to be spoken. When we complete this project, we will make this place, which is very bad in terms of natural conditions, a place to live and breathe. We will build an airport that not only complies with Turkish EIA requirements but also conforms to international EIA standards and we will continue on our way.
    "We are about to complete a 4,5 billion euro financing model"
    On a question about the financing of the airport, Özdemir reminded that they have revealed the cost and feasibility of the work from the first day they received the job and started looking for financing, and that the financing institutions told them that not only domestic EIA but also international EIA is needed in every environment. Expressing that they are about to complete a financing model of 7 billion Euros with 4,5 banks at the end of the negotiations, Özdemir continued his words as follows:
    “4 years grace period, 12 years payment, so no matter where we look, it is a 16-year financing. This is the most long-term investments made in Turkey contained in the financing model. Negotiations continue. I guess we will sign the entire agreement in May. We started the business, we work, we do the drilling, after preparing the feasibility projects, we make the master plans. We will not only build an airport here, but a city. A master plan must be made for this. The next 50 years need to be planned. For this, we prepared a master plan and presented it to the administration. we are waiting for confirmation today and tomorrow. In this way, we will continue our business by solving the financing model. We have received a bridge loan of 750 million Euros so that these works are carried out, we are putting our equity together with it and we continue to invest. If we complete the financing model in May, then we will close the bridge loan and continue on our way with a financing model of 4,5 billion euros. "
    "We will complete on 29 October 2017"
    Istanbul 3. Özdemir stated that they went well in the airport and they would train in time, 29 2017 October 3 1 90 1 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX stage will complete.
    Özdemir said, “1. If the number of passengers approaches 80 million in the stage, this time we will do the second stage, we will build another terminal, then that capacity will increase to 2 million passengers, and when we will exceed 120 million, we will build another terminal. We say that it will eventually have 100 runways, 6 terminals, the world's largest airport, 3 million, but we easily estimate that 150 million passengers will pass through this square. Very smart levels have been put in ”he said.
    Özdemir said that when the 3rd airport opens in Istanbul, it will be an important hub (center) that will compete with Frankfurt, London, Paris and Dubai, and that the 3rd Airport is spoken everywhere they go. Özdemir gave the following answer to the question about the stage of the connection roads:
    "3. When the airport is finished, we say that 80-90 million passengers will pass, it comes easily to people. We will spend one year there is a population in Turkey. Passengers will board the plane, carry out baggage handling, deliver food, drinks or luggage to them, cars, trains, subways will arrive. Only the airport can be operated with such a system. When we come to the capacity of 100-200 million passengers, normal train, high speed train and metro will come. 3. The highway of the bridge will pass in front of us, the connection roads of the city will come, maybe even a connection from the sea will be considered. Maybe sea transportation will be provided from Kanal Istanbul. This project will change the character of Istanbul. Hopefully, the Canal Istanbul tender will be held soon. It will exchange views on Turkey's global scale when finished. "
    "It will be Duty Free as big as 5 stadiums"
  3. Pointing out that the section allocated to Duty Free at the airport is over 50 thousand square meters, Özdemir said that we are building a shopping center the size of 5 stadiums, an airport with Duty Free and a catering section. Employees will reach 100 thousand, they will soon have their homes, so we will build airport city. There will be 6 400 beds and over tourism facilities and hotels. For example, ITO wants around 500 thousand square meters of fairgrounds, ”he said.
  4. On the question of whether the need for truck drivers for the airport will be met from abroad, Özdemir stated that there should be A, B and C plans in such a big project, and that any negligence or delay could delay the opening date of the 3rd Airport, October 29, 2017, both financially. It may cause losses both in terms of Turkey's image could create problems for him, what he said in 2017, by hook or crook should finish it.
    Stating that they ordered more than 300 trucks and the trucks came to the field, Özdemir said, “We are looking for drivers for them. 300 of them will work during the day and 300 at night. 600 of them have leave and illness. No matter where we look at us, we need 750 truck drivers. There are also 350 subcontractor trucks in the field, this number will increase even more from April and May. We also have a tremendous number of operator needs. We placed advertisements in newspapers and struggled to transfer personnel from large construction sites. It is true that the initial 85 people applied. Because of one of my interviews, these were discussed and more Turkish drivers applied. It goes close to what we need. However, we have plans B and C. We applied to the relevant organizations just in case to bring 500 imported drivers, ”he said.
    50 truck drivers arrived from Vietnam
    Explaining that a company said that it was very successful by bringing a driver from Vietnam, Özdemir said, “We sent news to the friends there, 50 drivers came. We are currently doing their training, and we will activate We found that the drivers from Pakistan and Vietnam were very helpful in this regard. For this, we brought a 50-person model, we will try to see if we can be useful or not. We see that the number of trucks, the number of working vehicles and equipment will increase. That's why we keep our B and C plans ready, ”he said.
    Istanbul 3. Özdemir stated that the biggest tender of the Duty Free stores, which is one of the most important revenue components in the airport project, competed in the world and that this partnership was awarded by Heinemann and Unifree by giving a figure they expected.
    Explaining that many famous brands wanted to take place here due to the importance and size of the project, Özdemir said, “The number of employees has reached 350 thousand today, 3 of which are white collar. This number will soon exceed 10 thousand. When the airport is opened, only the number of employees will be 100 thousand. "Considering the significant number of passengers that will pass here, everyone is making an effort to take part in such a big place."
    Özdemir added that Limak Holding has made a 120 million lira bond issue today to be used in financing various investments and the demands will be collected for 3 days.


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