Bridges and highways push money! 15 dollars per second

Bridges and highways push money! 15 dollars per second: Bridge and freeways last 10 made 3 million 531 million vehicles cross over the years. Bridges and highways brought 15 dollar revenue per second.
The last 10 over the bridge and freeways has passed 3 million vehicles per year 531 billion. The revenue from these instruments amounted to 4,9 billion dollars. In other words, the bridges and highways generated 15 dollars per second.
General Directorate of Highways (KGM), according to a compilation of his data, 2004-2014 years 1 thousand million between the bridge 599 278 128 billion, the highway from the 1 931 thousand billion 355 801 million vehicles made the transition. The total revenue generated from the bridges and motorways reached 4 billion 876 million 309 thousand 868 dollars during this period.
The 10 3 531 2014 last year was the 399 of the 491 million vehicles used by most of the bridges and motorways. Over the last year 469 million 120 vehicles using the bridges and highways, 277 million XNUMX thousand XNUMX dollars were generated.
5 dollars per second from bridges
400 dollars per second from the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges, where the average 5 thousand vehicles pass per day, 15 dollars per second passed over the highway and bridges total revenues during the same period.
Privatization process of bridges and highways
The tender for the privatization of bridges and highways was made in 17 December 2012. 25 consortium participated in the privatization tender for the 3 annual period from the actual delivery date with the method of issuance of the right of operation and the highest bid of 5 billion 720 million dollars by the Koç Holding AŞ-UEM Group Berhad-Gözde Venture Capital Partnership Joint Venture Group the tender had been canceled later.




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