'Stars' will grow on Yıldız Mountain

'Stars' will grow on Yıldız Mountain: Star Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center starts to serve daily, excited the skiers in Sivas.

Ski National Team Coach İlhan Erzurum said that Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which started to serve daily, will contribute to the training of new skiers in Sivas.

Starting the operation of Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, whose foundation was laid on September 15, 2013 with the participation of Minister of National Defense, İsmet Yılmaz, excited the skiers who complained that Sivas has not had any facilities for skiing for years.

Ski coaches and officials believe that thanks to this facility with international standards, more successful skiers will come out of Sivas.

Ski National Team Coach İlhan Erzurum told Sivas that Sivas' 2-year dream came true after the facilities on the skirts of Yıldız Mountain, which was 552 thousand 25 meters high, came into service.

Stating that the facilities were built very quickly after a long-term project and public opinion, Erzurum stated that Salih Ayhan, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, had a great contribution in the construction of the facilities.

Erzurum said, “Our minister, our deputies and many bureaucrats from Sivas have contributed. Maybe the establishment, which was made in 40-50 years in other ski resorts, took place here in the last 2 years. ”

Erzurum said that there are remaining places, but they will be completed in a short time, said:

“Our first year this year is staff training. Mechanical plants are new. There may be some glitches, we are waiting for understanding from ski lovers and Sivas people. From our point of view, it is a sportive and pleasing development for tourism. Sivas has always been mentioned as the cradle of the ski and has trained many national athletes. From now on we can see that more athletes will be trained and many international organizations will be the host of this place. Everything was made with high quality and world standards. Maybe he was thrown many firsts in Turkey. The runways were made for the first time by tender method and to professional companies. ”

Expressing that the public showed great interest in the facilities, Erzurum said, “There was a great interest in skiing in Sivas, and we think that this will increase gradually. The surrounding provinces have interest. There are those who want to come from Tokat. Ski club was established, they want support from us. ”

Erzurum is pointing to a very high quality of the snow at the ski center next year, also artificial snow system with the introduction of the ski season in Turkey said they will be opened at the earliest centers.

Stating that everything is suitable for skiing on Yıldız Mountain, Erzurum stated that this place will be a very profitable ski center in terms of tourism and sports.

“It will be the heart of Sivas”

The General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Salih Ayhan also said that the public will be very interested in the opening of the season on Saturday, January 17.

Explaining that he saw the first interest in skiing in Sivas for the first time, Ayhan said, “This interest was said in public but I saw it for the first time and I was proud. We can see that our investment is not empty. When the facilities are finished in every sense, this will be the heart of Sivas in the winter season. ”

Expressing that the ski center is like a toddler baby, Ayhan said, “Sometimes it may fall but we will remove it. We will overcome our shortcomings in time. This year, we will attach importance to education and promotion. ”

Ayhan stated that they will provide a free shuttle service to the center for 17 months starting from January 2015, 3 and that the improvement works will continue on the Yıldız Mountain road and the standard will be increased.

Salih Ayhan stated that they will start doing activities at the facility with the completion of the 5-day facility, hotel and other equipment and said, “We expect guests from Kayseri in the season after 2015. "We will have the potential to host all the rock lovers on the route Ordu, Tokat, Çorum, Yozgat and Kayseri."

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