Lost collection of YHT

Lost collection of YHT: Identity card, jewelry, mobile phone, computer, books as well as diploma and sacrificial meat are among the items found in YHTs, where sunglasses in summer, coats and umbrellas are often forgotten in winter.
High-speed trains (YHT) are interesting items are forgotten. According to the season in the summer sunglasses in the winter, many umbrellas are forgotten in the trains, diplomas and sacrifice meat, a lot of goods, lost and kept in the office for a year. Some of the belongings of the owners of the lost goods office staff by telephone, firstly complain of being perceived as a phone fraud. On the train for forgotten the person who wants to believe in an item that does not want to believe in before and cheaters who, after a long conversation convinced him to take his things as a conviction.
Your victim has forgotten
Konya Branch Chairman Necati Kökat railroad, Ankara-Konya YHT line to protect the lost items, trying to deliver to the owners, he said. On the phone with information about the owners of the information on the phone caller informed and informed Kökat, items not taken for a year after the document was sent to the General Directorate of State Railways. Köks, who pointed out that a lot of goods were forgotten in trains, from birth certificates to diplomas, from mobile phones to jewelery, perfume sets and books, gave the following information:
“Various items are forgotten according to the season. Items such as umbrellas, coats in winter and sunglasses in summer are common. The most interesting ones we have come across; The patient who forgot the glucose meter, the students who forgot his diploma, the citizen who forgot the flesh of the victim he cut. "
When they reach the missing property by phone, they have encountered some misunderstanding, Kökat said:
“We inform those we can reach by phone. They come and get it. We also have some problems while delivering the lost items to their owners. When we call people whose phone number we have identified, they first perceive it as a phone fraud. We try hard to convince. We convince, 'Come, take your belongings. We chose to make believe ourselves to a teacher whose wallet was forgotten on the phone. As a result, we are trying to deliver the forgotten ones to their owners first. "



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