The Council of State to Discover the YHT Station

The Council of State Will Discover for YHT Station: There are new developments regarding the New Station, where discussions continue about the place to be built. The objections to the decision of the Council of State for a stay of execution regarding the location of the new station were also rejected. The Council of State is preparing to explore the field for the main decision.
A new decision on the High Speed ​​Train Station (YHT) was planned to take place in the area where the old Wheat Market is located. The objections made by the Council of State 6 's Office to stop the execution of the expropriation in the region were rejected. Now the Council of State, experts in the field for the discovery and send the investigation will make the decision. After the main decision is announced, the area of ​​the new station will be determined. It will be clarified whether or not it will be done in the old Wheat Market area.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) with the new station's owner 8 shops in the area will be made, land price in disagreements on the Council of State to stop the project "stay of execution" case was filed. After the case, the project was suspended and the Council of State decided in May that the case could not be expropriated. Shop owners, 400 pounds per square meter less than they found, at least 2 thousand pounds they wanted.
Attorney of the shopkeepers Bekir Akınca, the legal status of the new Gar Project, providing information about the latest status, the rejection of objections to the execution of the rejection, he said. Akıncı, karar The former Wheat Market YHT High Station in the case of the hasty expropriation of the Court of Appeal of the Council of State 6 decided to stop the execution of the urgent expropriation and zoning plan. As a result of the appeal filed by the TCDD, the files of the Council of State 6's Office went to the General Assembly of the Council of State. The Board re-evaluated the decision to stop the execution by the office. As a result of the evaluation, the objections of the administration were not accepted in terms of both the zoning plan operation and the urgent expropriation process and the requests for the abolition of the decision to aç stop the execution Yap were rejected. After this point, the expert committee to be formed by the Council of State 6 will make a discovery in the area of ​​the Old Wheat Market where the immovable property is located and then explain its decision on the merits sonra.
Bekir Akıncı stated that the zoning plan could be canceled and added, laştırma On the other hand, the TCDD asked the evacuation of the immovable property by sending a letter to the owners, who were not filing a lawsuit. We don't know what the purpose here is. However, if the zoning plan is canceled, it will be difficult to resolve. In this regard, we think that especially the municipal authorities should take the initiative to solve the problem and should not tolerate the victim's grievance Bu.




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