Yalıköcular Want The Crossroad

Yalıköy Residents Want Crossroads: Residents of Yalıköy District of Trabzon's Vakfıkebir District stated that it is necessary to build an intersection in their neighborhoods.
The people of the neighborhood are having a hard time because of the lack of intersections in Yalıköy Town of Trabzon's Vakfıkebir District. As a result of the connection from the State Highway Trabzon Giresin Highway to the neighborhood with an underpass, not an island-shaped junction, the people of the neighborhood have a hard time entering the neighborhood. Even in the slightest rain, the underpass was filled with water and there was no pedestrian entrance and exit, and the people of the neighborhood were almost rioting and said 'Why are the highways putting us in the position of second class people'. KT, one of the residents of the neighborhood, stated that as a result of the underpass being filled with water, risking their lives and passing through the shoulders, “Why does Yalıköy people treat them as second class people. Do highways never see this place? In the slightest rain, the underpass is filled with water and the vehicle cannot be entered. We want the highways to make an island-shaped intersection here and to provide easy transportation to our neighborhood. We pass the banquet, putting our lives in danger. If there was a fatal accident here, who would be responsible? " said.


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