What is happening in İZBAN

📩 01/12/2018 16:49

What is happening in İZBAN: Three different events have occurred on İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN) in recent days. While two of the events resulted in death, the train going in the opposite direction in another incident caused the citizens to experience fearful moments. The fact that all of the events took place within a few days brought up the question of what is happening at İZBAN?
On the last Sunday, the train arriving at the stop from the Alsancak stop to the Kemer stop at the 17.00, after waiting here for half an hour, got off the route at the Crescent stop and entered the track which should not change the rail. The train standing here did wait about an hour and a half. Passengers who could not stop in the airless train opened the doors and made a dangerous transition to the Crescent Stop on the pedestrian lines. In the face of the situation, many citizens expressed their reactions with the messages they shared on social media.
One day after the incident, the İZBAN train, which runs the Cumaovası-Aliağa campaign, hit CG (23), an agricultural worker in the district of Menemen, Yanıkköy, while trying to cross the street. C.G's relatives died at the scene of the carelessism accused of caring to walk on the machinist had lived in a melee.
Two accidents occurred before; IZBAN train, the town of Menemen Kumtepe rail crossing the road to cross the road to Ekrem Hayri Crash (70) to multiply. He had caused Çömek to lose his life at the scene.
Investigations on the events that resulted in death are being initiated and İZBAN officials, who remain silent in the face of unfortunate events, are expected to make a statement.

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