Minister Elvan: We will construct an airport in Yozgat, Thrace

Minister Elvan: We will build an airport in Thrace, Yozgat. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, said that the aviation industry continues to develop. Turkey will continue to build throughout the airport indicating Elven, "We will do airport in Yozgat. We will also build an airport in Thrace. ” said.
Minister Lütfi Elvan participated in the ceremony held in the scope of the lease payment to be made by TAV Airports for the operations of İstanbul Atatürk and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport to the State Airports Authority. DHMİ General Manager Orhan Birdal and TAV Airports CEO M. Sani Şener were also present at the ceremony.
Making a speech at the ceremony, Minister Elvan drew attention to the developments in the aviation industry and the importance of the build-operate-transfer model. Elvan said, “Only within the scope of public-private sector cooperation of our General Directorate of State Airports Authority, 18 projects have been implemented so far. A share of approximately 8 billion dollars will enter the state coffers. Except for the third airport. So far, more than 2 billion dollars of public-private cooperation has entered the state's coffers in the aviation sector. Those who are uncomfortable with this situation. Who is losing here? state kazanHe is working, not a penny comes out of the state's coffers. The company that gets the job invests, gives some of the profit it has earned at the end of the investment to the state, and takes some of it.” used the phrases.
Kesim For this reason, we attach great importance to build-operate-transfer model, public-private cooperation model and we will continue our work on this model in the coming period, önem said Elvan. model has accelerated the development of the aviation sector. As a policy, we, as our ministry, have ensured the liberalization of the aviation sector as our governments. We doubled by number of airports. We have modernized many airports. We have built a number of modern terminal buildings. We will do as we need it. We're building an airport in Hakkari, about to end. We're building an airport over the sea, about to end. We started airport construction in Rize. We will make an airport in Yozgat. We will do a lot of additional airports. We will build an airport in Thrace. Tr
Elvan, who gave statistical information about the aviation sector, said: göre In December of 2014 there is an increase of 13,2 in the number of passengers compared to the previous year. In general, the number of passengers was close to 150 million. In 2014 166 reached million. The number of domestic passengers of the 86 million. The number of international passengers is about 80 million. Our TAV company will make a rent payment of around 410 million liras today. The system works well. The company does not say and do not say, 'I'm in payment to give me time,' does not say, the time before the payment is done. Citizen satisfied, firm satisfied, satisfied with the state. If some people are uncomfortable, it should be questioned. Bazı

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