Cevizliaccident at the railway Metrobus stop (Video)

Cevizliaccident at the Metrobus station: a metrobus traveling between Zincirlikuyu and Beylikdüzü, CevizliAt the time of approaching the stop, the road crossed the yellow line and hit a person on the road line.
A metrobus on the Zincirlikuyu-Beylikdüzü expedition, CevizliAt the stop of the link, a person descending to the road line hit him and injured him.
The accident occurred at 20.15 ranks. A metrobus leading to Beylikdüzü, CevizliWhile he was approaching the vineyard stop, he crossed the yellow warning line at the station and hit the person named Emin Yeşildağ, who was descending down. While Yeşildağ fell to the ground and hit his head, the surrounding citizens rushed to his aid. About 15 minutes waiting for an ambulance, the injured was taken to the hospital. It was learned that Emin Yeşildağ is in good condition.
Due to the accident metrobus expeditions for a while.




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