Description of the student who died on the ski slope from the Governor's Office

Explanation of the student who died on the ski slope from the Governorate: Erzurum Governorate, Mehmet Akif Koyuncu, who lost his life by hitting his head on the snow curtain while skiing in Palandöken, can be skied at 10-09.00, except that he has entered the track that has been closed since the beginning of the season with his friends. Reported that they were skiing around 16.00.

An explanation was made because of some news in the press about the university student Mehmet Akif Koyuncu, who died from the Erzurum Governorate while he was skiing on an indoor track in Palandöken without hitting his head against the snow curtain.

In the statement, Erzurum Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Centers In the Palandöken region, the sadness of the ski runways and the accident occurred outside of their favorable hours for skiing was expressed.

According to the information received from the relevant units and the gendarmerie on the subject of the accident, the following information was included in the statement that the group of friends of 5 dismantled the safety mats located around the Palandöken Ski Center B Lifti sub station on January 25 at around 23.00 and entered the closed number 10 runway:

“It was determined that they had an accident by hitting the snow curtains on the closed runway by sliding on the removed cushions. After the incident, Palandöken Gendarmerie Command Search and Rescue Team and 156 team were transferred to the incident at 23.05 after one of the people involved in the accident called the Provincial Gendarmerie Command's gendarmerie number 112 at 23.10 and reported that a friend was injured on the ski slope. First aid interventions were made at the scene of the injured person and at 23.15 an ambulance was sent to the Regional Training and Research Hospital. According to the information received from the hospital, it was understood that the injured teenager died in the hospital.

As can be understood from the Palandöken Ski Safety and Avalanche Study Commission Report and weather evaluations of Mehmet Akif Koyuncu and his friends, who are also working as a technician at the Erzurum Oral and Dental Health Center registered in the population of Eskil district of Aksaray, who lost his life, and who are also a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The accident occurred at 10, except for 09.00-16.00, where they entered the ski slope number 23.00, which has been closed since the beginning of the season and is not in use. ”