Governor Bektaş: Sabuncubeli Tunnel Will End Up

Governor Bektas: Sabuncubeli Tunnel in the End of the End of Expedition.Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektaş 15 9 to reduce the time between Manisa and Izmir 2011 date laid the foundation of 1, but because of the company's bankruptcy 2014 November XNUMX stopped construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel will eventually end, he said.
In a speech he made at a meeting with journalists at the Taş Fabrikası, the Governor Bektaş stated that, in response to the question about the construction of the tunnel, a tender was made but it was not an easy task to build a tunnel. After examining the tunnel, he emphasized that a study was done and added,, After that, you go on the auction, but all of these are forecasts and predictions. These estimates, when you enter the soil can keep, may not keep. You finish the project when you start, and when it doesn't, you sit and revise the project. The contractor's tender is organized according to him. What is important for us is to enter this investment program and make the first tender. Olan
Expressing that the state decided and started to make the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, Governor Bektaş said, “In the past, things would start, but it would take a long time to finish. It is difficult to start work in the new Tender Law and its completion is almost guaranteed. Problems may arise in Sabuncubeli, the contractor may go bankrupt. The contractor did not resign on his own accord. He could not foresee, could not, could not succeed. Delayed. This place will eventually end. There is no need to darken the nape in these works. There are risks in this business. The half-finished job will stop after that? He will not stop. The ground is broken. We finished the Bolu Tunnel in 20 years. As a result, six months, a year, two years may be delayed. In my opinion, it is not right to cause the citizen to be pushed into pessimism by constantly avoiding negativities. We should be able to look at its positive aspects. Does the Highways have an intention or a fault in the weak ground in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel? 'Sabuncubeli Tunnel did not start.' I say okay, but the tunnel has started and will be finished. ” he spoke.


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