Tradesman obstacle in the upper gates

Tradesmen barrier to overpasses: Highways to ring roads kazanThe tradesmen are resisting the overpasses. kazanHe said that the tradesmen were making obstacles to the overpasses they wanted to build.
Batman-Siirt ring road and four overpasses to TPAO boulevard kazanWhen the tradesmen resisted the Highways, Governor Azmi Çelik suggested a solution. İhsan Power, Deputy Regional Director of Highways, stated that, apart from the overpass they erected at the Gültepe-Güneykent junction, there are four more passages to the ring road. kazanHe said they wanted to go. Governor Azmi Çelik made a suggestion to Güçlü, who stated that they faced obstacles from some tradesmen; “Apply a lottery system in which the tradesmen on the route will also participate and erect the overpasses as soon as possible. Complete the work without any invisible accidents.”


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