Uludağ Sleigh Races cut breaths

Sleigh races stopped breathing Uludag Bursa Metropolitan Municipality carried out by the first time in Uludag 'Traditional Rack and Rack Mounted Championship 2015 Turkey began. The images that emerged during the sleigh races on the first day of the event did not look like the sled races in Alaska.

Uludag Hotels District 2 of the Traditional Sports of Turkey for the first time organized in collaboration with the Federation of events was the colorful scenes. 2 days on the first day of the race, which runs Turkey's competed in 14 sports clubs from different cities.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who started the races and watched the race of horse-drawn sleighs with interest, said in his speech where he drew attention to the values ​​of the city, “We are organizing a beautiful event in Uludağ. 'Traditional Rack and Rack Mounted Championship in Turkey, we are experiencing the joy of the first time held in Bursa. "Thanks to this event, we are together with the athletes coming from Erzurum, Ankara, Kastamonu and Kars to Uludağ."


Stating that they want the championship to be developed and continued every year, President Altepe said, “Our goal as Bursa is to ensure the development of sports first. We have a great responsibility for the development of skiing in Uludağ. We have taken a step towards the development of sports in Uludağ with the sleigh and traditional sleigh championship. We direct our services and activities in order to use Uludağ, where transportation with the cable car becomes even more practical, in all seasons. "We aim to realize the championship, which was organized for the first time in Uludağ, in a better way in the following years and to make Uludağ more usable with such events".


Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu watched the contest with interest. Emphasizing the importance of Uludag Karaloğlu in his speech, "and Uludag Bursa, Turkey is an inseparable whole and the two very important values. In recent years, infrastructure problems of Uludağ have been solved with the granting of infrastructure powers to the Metropolitan Municipality. The number of events is increasing day by day. We know that Uludağ's problems cannot be solved only with the awareness of National Parks. For this reason, we want all powers in the tourism region of Uludağ to be given to the Metropolitan Municipality and the only official in Uludağ to be the Metropolitan Municipality. We hope that Ankara will hear our voices, ”he said. Governor Karaloğlu, adding that an international snowboarding championship will be held in Uludağ between 4 and 10 February with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality, “We want Uludağ to increase its recognition and recognition. At this point, I congratulate the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe, who showed great sensitivity to Uludağ, for his work ”.
After the speeches, the athletes who were ranked in the sleigh category were presented their cups. A plaque was given to those who contributed to the organization.


"Traditional Traditional Rack and Rack Mounted 2015 Turkey Championship" organized for the first two days and photographers will have moments of wanting to get the image in competitions in Bursa. many amateur photographers were in danger of being crushed by some racing horses running over them.