Uludağ has been flooded by holidaymakers

Uludağ was flocked with holidaymakers: Uludağ was almost flocked by holidaymakers at the end of the week. Long queues were seen on the highway going to Uludağ from the city center, especially due to the daily vacation vehicles and tour buses.

The holidaymakers, who came to Uludağ with the opportunity of the weekend, met with images that did not find Istanbul traffic. The traffic problem caused by the parking lot shortage in the "Hotels area" led to queues that extended for kilometers.

The holidaymakers who traveled the Bursa-Uludağ highway in 40-45 minutes under normal conditions were able to reach the "hotels region" in about 2 hours today.

The holidaymakers who could reach Uludağ after a hard journey, where the snow thickness was close to 3 meters, enjoyed the snow and winter sports.