Ada Express started trial voyages

Ada Ekspresi trial trial began: Arifiye-Pendik between the 76 minutes to download the Ada Ekspresi trial flights began.
Ada Express, which has been suspended since 2012, started test drives between Arifiye and Pendik as of 31.12.2014. 1. Regional Manager Metin Akbaş, 1. Regional Deputy Manager Halil Korkmaz and 1. Regional Service Managers attended the trial voyages starting from Arifiye. Ada Express, which will start carrying passengers as of January 05, 2015, will make 4 trips a day, 4 departures and 8 arrivals.
Ada Express will be located at Arifiye, Sapanca, İzmit, Gebze and Pendik stations in the first place. In the middle of 2015, there will be stops in Körfez, Derince, Büyükderbent and 2016 in Diliskelesi, Tavşancıl, Hereke, Kırkikievler and Köseköy stations.



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