Die waved under the mold die

He waved to the train and died and died: In Adana, Hasan Bekmez, 53, who sat down on the train track with his friend, died after seeing the incoming train and waved his hand and died badly. His friend escaped and survived.
Hasan Bekmez, who lives in the Fevzipaşa District, allegedly started sitting on the side of the train track with a friend and started drinking alcohol yesterday evening. Bekmez, who drinks excessive alcohol, sat on the rails. Meanwhile, the train driver who made the Adana-Mersin expedition saw Bekmez on the tracks and the siren rang. Bekmez saw the incoming train. However, he could not move under the influence of alcohol, waving and thinking that he would pass the train. The train hit Bekmez to be derailed. Bekmez died terribly and his friend escaped and escaped.



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