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Tramway newspaper is not a need but a fantasy: CHP Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Akyüz said, "The money that comes out of the pocket of the citizen with the 'Tram' newspaper distributed in the rail system is 52 thousand lira per month."
CHP Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Erkan Akyüz criticized the words of the Metropolitan Municipality Private Secretary Sefer Arlı at the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting: "Samulaş is harming because of transportation over the age of 65".
CHP Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Erkan Akyüz criticized the statement of Sefer Arlı in January at the press conference he held at the CHP Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting that "the transportation of citizens over 65 years old damages Samulaş". Akyüz said, “The public transportation law of citizens over the age of 65 is in the Grand National Assembly and the decision of the Council of Ministers. "It is not up to any local government to change this," he said.
He evaluated the issue of public transport, which was wondered by the public in the past and that CHP council members presented to the parliament with a parliamentary question. Akyüz said, “We gave a parliamentary question to Sefer Arlı, who connected Samulaş's damage ethics in the January parliament and citizens over the age of 65 to travel too much because they are free of charge. These words of Sefer Arlı, the Chief of Special Officer of the Metropolitan Municipality, who declared that the rail system was damaged, are unacceptable. Citizens over the age of 65 have no chance to charge for transportation. The municipality does not have the right to impose a fee over the age of 65. This is a right granted by the Council of Ministers. "No local council will change this," he said.
Akyüz said, “It is very small for citizens over the age of 65 to use it free of charge. With the saving of this, it cannot be saved from this damage. He expressed on every platform that it was because of these fantasy expenses. One of them is Tramway newspaper published by Samulaş. As we always say, the municipality should not be an operator. Municipalities should only be the institutions that supervise these businesses. We said that there is no need to print a newspaper called Tramvay in Samsun. Samulaş's official Sefer Arlı asked "How much does this newspaper cost?" we asked. In the meeting where we passed this question, Turan Çakır said that the cost of the tram newspaper 'Samulaş' is around 300 thousand liras, and the income collected from advertisements is around 400 thousand liras. "We have a profit of 100 thousand lira annually."
Stating that the tender was held when the Tramway newspaper started its activities and that the company that won the tender received services such as paper supply, procurement and press and distribution for 05.06.2014 thousand 314 liras on 960, Akyüz said, “The period that Sefer Arlı says is not valid for one year. Valid from 23.06.2014 to 22.01.2015. We found that the cost of the tender was 8 thousand lira for 314 months, not one year, and when it was spread over a whole year, it reached around 600 thousand lira. In other words, the service does not increase to 300 thousand lira in a year, but approximately 600 thousand lira. The company, which received a tender from Samulaş, also announced the procurement of goods and bought paper for 600 thousand 130 liras plus the cost of 440 lira of the rail system. Sefer Arlı said, "We expect him to enlighten us if there are any mistakes or errors in our calculations."
While the distribution of the tram newspaper should be done by the company that took the tender, Akyüz criticized that Samulaş should be made by the security officer and said, “While the distribution of the tram newspaper should be done by the company that received the tender, it is done by the security officer of Samulaş, who works within the municipality. These newspapers distributed are thrown to the places. Municipal officials are scattering the money of the citizens of Samsun. While printing, distribution and string belong to the company that won the tender, the security officer of Samulaş is allowed to be distributed. These people think of us as blind, deaf and dumb. They think we'll be silent here in the city council while the oil is dripping on them. But we, as CHP Municipal Council Members, are responsible for seeking the rights of orphans who are not feathered. Our interlocutor is the Samulaş officials in the metropolitan municipality. I am sure that if we dig under this, many more problems will arise ”.
Stating that the tender process for the Tramway newspaper in Samsun ended on January 22, 2015 (tomorrow), Akyüz claimed that the money that came out of the pocket of the citizen with the Tramway newspaper in the rail system in their last calculations reached 52 thousand liras per month. “Every time the rail system is on board, our citizens have to be a partner in an additional cost of 52 thousand lira per month. As members of the CHP Assembly, we will be against every issue that we see wrong and incomplete, and we will support the issues we find right ”.



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