Train stops in Bulgaria

Train services were stopped in Bulgaria: 38 stops of trains in Bulgaria caused reactions.
Passengers and unions reacted after the Bulgarian Railways (BDJ) stopped trains carrying passengers to 38 lines across the country for economic reasons.
BDJ General Manager Vladimir Vladimirov said that the subsidies allocated to the organization this year were reduced by 40 million leva (55 million TL) compared to last year and therefore they had to stop the trains and remove the workers.
Noting that BDJ owes the banks 370 million leva (512 million TL), Vladimir Vladimirov said that the trainings that travel between small cities and villages should be financed by the municipalities and that the decision on whether they will work or not should be made by the local governments.
Petır Bunev, head of the Union of Railways Employees of the Bulgarian Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (KNSB), noted that workers and students will be affected the most by the stopping of passenger trains, and said that many railway workers will have to join the unemployed caravan.
Bunev said they would not accept the stopping of the trains, said that the authorities of the BDJ and the Ministry of Transport should come together to find a solution to the problem.
On the other hand, 38 was launched in the small number of small settlements throughout the country, even after the discontinuation of train services.
In the city of Karlovo, the railway workers stopped the train of Plovdiv and performed.
The removal of the passenger trains will affect most travelers who travel in the directions of Karlovo, Gabrovo and Gorna Oriahovitsa.


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