Traffic Safety and Cooperation Meeting

Traffic Safety and Cooperation Meeting: Within the scope of the "Traffic Safety Cooperation Protocol" signed between the General Directorate of Security and related institutions within the framework of the Highways Traffic Safety Action Plan, the second of the "Information Sharing and Assessment Regional Meeting" was held at the Narlıdere Police Moral Training Center.
Speaking at the meeting, İzmir Police Chief Celal Uzunkaya said that they exceeded the traffic-related targets determined by the General Directorate of Security by 15 percent with the inspections in İzmir. Explaining that he served as the Deputy General Director of Police Responsible for Traffic for a period, Uzunkaya stated that accidents cannot be prevented only by supervision and traffic fines.
Uzunkaya said that he knew closely that traffic accidents posed a serious problem for our country.
“In the 1996s, an annual death rate of 5 thousand 600 was mentioned in traffic accidents. I saw that in 2014 the number of deaths in Turkey in general as a figure dropped to 2 thousand 300. However, we know that there is also an unregistered traffic accident mortality rate. These are deaths in the treatment process. It is extremely important to save a person's life. There are about 25 thousand traffic police in Turkey, all of them tried to fails to create a human for nearly 365 years of professional life 30 days a year to come together. However, if each traffic officer acts responsibly throughout his / her career, it can prevent a person's death.
Penalties also increased in fines
The annual cost of traffic accidents, which emphasized that Turkey's economy $ 15 billion Uzunkaya, the investment budget of over 20 percent of this figure that drew attention.
Stating that they attach importance to traffic in Izmir and make an effort, Uzunkaya said:
"For example, we've written 14 thousand motorcyclists penalty that Turkey is not in general. But in 2014, motorcycle accidents increased by 9 percent compared to the previous year. We inspected nearly 2014 million vehicles in İzmir in 1.5, and 780 thousand of them were fined approximately 140 million TL. More than 91 thousand vehicles were fined as a result of civilian inspections, 79 thousand 941 of which are minibuses. Everything is very good, above the targets, but accident rates in our city increased by 2014 percent in 2013 compared to 10. Now, if someone is inspected in traffic, it is thought that the problem will be solved, no such thing. People also need to be sensitive. In addition, inspections in traffic should be made by evaluating the time of occurrence of the accidents and the factors preparing the accidents and changing them accordingly. "
It was noted that at the meetings that were reported to last for 3 days in İzmir, the “Traffic Electronic Supervision System” will be promoted tomorrow and the “Higher Education Institution and the General Directorate of Security Projects” will be promoted on Friday.
The Governor of Izmir, Mustafa Toprak, Deputy Chief of Police Necat Özdemiroğlu, Izmir Provincial Police Director Celal Uzunkaya, Izmir, Afyonkarahisar, Antalya, Aydin, Balikesir, Burdur, Bursa, Canakkale, Denizli, Isparta, Kutahya, Manisa, Mugla and Uşak 14 provincial deputy police chiefs responsible for traffic, traffic supervisory and registration managers participated.

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