Traffic Accident Statistics Announced

Traffic Accident Statistics Announced: Highway Traffic Safety Action Plan within the framework of Traffic Commenting on the introduction of the Electronic Control Systems Deputy Director General of Police Necati Özdemiroğlu, "finally 4 thousand party scene in one year in traffic accidents in Turkey, 8 thousand persons lost their lives while in the treatment process . 280 wounded one thousand people. In these accidents, there was a national wealth loss of 23 billion pounds, Bu he stated.
Highway Traffic Safety Action Plan prepared in accordance with the framework of the cooperation protocol signed between the Union of Municipalities of Turkey General Directorate of Traffic Safety related Electronic Systems Auditing (TEDES) Created in presentation Siwiss Hotel. Meeting Police Deputy Director General Necati Özdemiroğlu, Izmir Police Chief Celal Uzunkaya, Deputy Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey Recep Şahin joined the police managers.
Thanks to Traffic Electronic Inspection Systems (TEDES), the detection of vehicles by pedestal violation through sensors to record the plates with the next image processing software and will be subject to penalties stipulated in the law stated that Deputy General Director of Police Necat Ozdemiroglu, '' in the world in a year due to traffic accidents finally 1 250 per million people die, while 50 is injured in million. This means that almost every year, the population of many countries is destroyed by a comparison. In the 4 thousand persons in traffic accidents in our country scene, the 8 thousand persons in the period of one year following the accident have lost their lives in hospitals. 280 was injured in these accidents. 12 bin 700 of the traffic accidents that occur in our country are involved in public transport accidents. 324 has lost our citizens in these accidents, the 29 bin 552 was wounded. Traffic should do in terms of looking at the issue of humanitarian incumbent upon all institutions to 1% decrease in deaths in the year 2020 50 million new vehicles every year we attended that also take into account revenue. We also need our municipalities to the cooperation protocol signed with the Association of Municipalities of Turkey we are calling on the issues of setting up TEDES system. Technological facilities have become a necessity today. This system will provide great support to traffic management and control, '' he said.
Deputy Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey Recep Şahin, '' xnumx's% of Turkey's population lives within municipal boundaries. Transportation is one of the most important municipal services. TEDES, which will be established by our municipalities, will facilitate inspection and inspection. Under the leadership of our association, our municipalities have started to work to establish this system. Determined goals cannot be reached without providing supervision and control. This system will make our business easier. Bu

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