In Eskişehir, trolleys and busses are also forgotten.

In Eskişehir, tramways and buses are also forgotten: In Eskişehir, on the tram and on the bus, we forget such things that some people are astonishing. Forget about forgotten wedding dresses, radio and cup team in public transportation, takım I suppose it can't be that much ında.
The Lost Goods Office of Estram Public Relations Bureau of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is hiding the forgotten items on trams and buses. There are quite interesting materials among the items. There is even a wedding dress in the warehouse where there are so many items from the bag to the ID card, from the wallet to the suitcase. Forgotten wedding dress at the tram stop a long time waiting for its owner. One of the most noticeable missing items is the cup team.
Estram Public Relations Officer Gülbahar Gümüş said that they received lost belongings between 5-10 a day. Var Some of the items have not been revealed for a long time, ir said Gümüş. Ibi There are many forgotten items. 2014 has been in total 719 articles since July. Citizens confirm that the belongings belong to him if delivered. Very interesting items are coming. For example, we have a most interesting wedding dress. The cup team is also interesting. There are those who forget their suitcase. Val
Citizens who forget the goods on the tram or bus Eskişehir bus station located next to Estram Public Relations Office may apply.


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