Bursa will carry the high-tech OSB to 2023 targets

Bursa will carry high technology to the targets of 2023: The newly organized industrial zone (OIZ), which will make Bursa the center of high-tech investments, was discussed in the City Council. Leading names of the city's new OSB will carry Bursa to the 2023 targets.
The 'Bursa Speaks' meeting of the City Council, which deals with the decisions of the city about the future of the city, with the participation of representatives of the business community, representatives of public institutions and institutions, academicians and non-governmental organizations, was held with the title of 'New Industrial Zones in Bursa'. Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Speaking at the meeting held at the Center BCCI Assembly President Remzi Heels, stated that Turkey's first organized industrial zone established in Bursa in 1963, "OSB established by the forward-thinking managers, Turkey's production and export of Bursa today centralized. How is 50 years ago with the vision to be a leading city in Bursa, Turkey's economy, the visionary new OSB project will guarantee the future of Bursa is a project 50 years, "he said.
BTSO Parliament Speaker Topuk, Bursa's exports last 10 4 billion dollars per year 12 billion dollars, said that the dollar. Stating that Bursa aims to export 2023 billion dollars in 75, Topuk said,'n In order to achieve the 2023 targets of Bursa, the annual average 20 export increase should be. It is not possible for Bursa to catch this target with its current production structure. With a different leap, more value-added and technological products should be directed towards and production areas should be planned for this. Farklı
Remzi Topuk, Bursa in line with the future targets of space, aerospace, defense, rail systems, such as technical textiles, such as the need to switch to value added sectors, he said. Topuk, "R & D-oriented technological sectors in order to ensure rapid and sustainable growth technology development zone, excellence center, logistics centers and training centers, we need different production bases from classical OIZs," he said.
Bursa Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz also stated that unlicensed factories outside 13 OSB and 8 OSB in the Bursa Plain harmed the environment. Durmaz stated that with the establishment of the new OIZ, the enterprises in question will be invested in infrastructure where the infrastructure infrastructure has been invested and sensitive to the environment, and that, In this way, Nilüfer Creek can be cleaned and sustainable industrial production can be realized. Thus, we can leave a good future for our children. Böylece
OSBÜK Board Member Selim Yedikardeş stated that urban transformation should also be considered in industry. Yedikardeş indicated that the industry facilitated life, and pointed out that the industry is growing rapidly in competing cities in Bursa. Yedikardeş stated that there is a suitable area for small and medium sized investments in the existing industrial zones in Bursa, but it is not suitable for OIZs that require large scale and advanced technology. Yedikardeş pointed out that the square meter size of the existing OIZs in Bursa, which is known as industrial city identity, is smaller than a single OIZ in Gaziantep. Yedikardeş said that Gaziantep continued to increase its industrial land and told that Bursa also needed new investment areas. Yedikardeş added that the young population should be provided with the opportunity to work in facilities where high-tech products are produced.
Industrialists Cem Bozdag, a company operating in Kestel, expressing that they have, gösteren We are competing with serious competitors in our sector. We set important targets in export. We want to invest in a new and technological machine. But we can't find the place. Let us move to 30 thousand square meters in Bursa. We just want a place, but unfortunately we don't. Sadece
The industrialist Zafer Milli, who spoke at the meeting, told that Bursa should be turned into a center of high value-added, advanced technology production.
Barakfaki Industrialists and Businessmen Association President Arif Demirören, Bursa, said that both industry and agricultural activities should be carried out together. Demirören stated that there is a need for a well-planned industrial zone in Bursa with infrastructure investments and said yatırım We are still trying to sell 1 kilogram iron at 2 price. We must implement the high value-added production model in Bursa. There is a need for a strong Turkey to include these investments to implement, "he said.

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