Halkalı Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project Tender 2015

Halkali Kapikule railway construction tender was not finalized
Halkali Kapikule railway construction tender was not finalized

Halkalı-Kapıkul Fast Train Project tender 2015 end: The European Union Delegation to Turkey Financial Cooperation and Infrastructure-Social-Regional Projects Head of Unit Secretary François BEGEOT and Sector Manager Göktuğ LAND, TCDD General Director Süleyman visited karaman'da.

Within the scope of the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Köseköy-Gebze Line (KGR) and Irmak I Karabük Hatt Zonguldak Line Rehabilitation and Signaling (IKZ) Projects, evaluations were made between the guest delegation and TCDD senior management.

TCDD project of the Exhibition Center-Gebze Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the line (KG) and Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Line of Rehabilitation and Signaling (ICT) Turkey's scope of work; In the meeting, which emphasized that it is the country that has the largest share in the European Union IPA Grant Funds; It was stated that these projects were the largest projects co-financed from IPA with a tender price of 146,8 M and 219,9 M, respectively, and 85% of their costs were covered by the EU Grant.

Undersecretary François BEGEOT's 3rd EU Project good news

The third project, which was co-financed by the IPA Grant, was evaluated by the parties in the Modernization of the Samsun-Bold Line Project (SaKa). Undersecretary François BEGEOT thanked TCDD for the preparation and tender process of the project and announced that the project will be launched on 20 January 2015.

Within the scope of the Modernization of the Samsun-Bold Line Project (SaKa), the existing line will be rebuilt together with its infrastructure (using 60E1 rail and B70 type traverses). The build time will be set to 30 months, even the ERTMS ETCS Level 1 Signaling System will be installed.

Halkalı Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project tender at the end of 2015

On the other hand, it is considered to be one of the most prioritized projects because it connects our country with Europe and is planned to be financed with an IPA grant. HalkalıHızlıThe opinions were exchanged between delegations regarding the bulunulKapıkule High Speed ​​Train Project. Feasibility Study has been completed. HalkalıThe tender for the bildirilKapıkule High Speed ​​Train Project was announced at the end of 2015.

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman informed the guest delegation about the liberalization of the railway sector, which is supported by the financial assistance of the European Union. He added that the ongoing projects, new infrastructure projects, restructuring and the liberalization of the railway sector are continuing.

General Manager KARAMAN thanked Undersecretary François BEGEOT for the funding contribution provided as a grant during their visit.

TCDD General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN, headed by TCDD Deputy İsa APAYDIN, APK Head of Department Murat ŞENEKEN and Foreign Relations Department Head İbrahim H. ÇEVİK attended the delegation.

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