Tests for Trambus in Malatya continue (Photo Gallery)

The test runs of the Trambuans in Malatya continue: The test runs of the Trambuses, which operate within the body of MOTAŞ, carry out the transportation services of the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.
In the first place, the University-MAŞTİ will work between the Trambus is expected to provide great convenience to the transportation of the ring road. It is stated that the burden of Malatya transportation will be alleviated with the relief of the University-MAŞTİ route which is the busiest line of Malatya.
According to the statement made by the General Directorate of MOTAŞ, the environmentally friendly Trambus system does not pollute the air at all, it saves% 75 compared to other vehicles at energy saving point, it works silently; Thus, it is stated that it does not make noise pollution and it has high performance.
In the statement about the test drive of the Trambuses,
Ir Trambus catenary line has three interconnected 9 transformers in three different areas of the city. When one of the three feed points is disconnected from the transformers supplying the tambus, the transformers located in other regions are activated automatically and the Trambus feeds the catenary line. In other words, unless the electricity is cut off in Malatya, Trambus is not energized.
We have scissors at 4 point in Trambüs catenary line including MAŞTİ, Emeksiz, Pınarbaşı Fairground and Research. What does that mean? In case of need, some of the routes of Trambus can be done as MAŞTİ-Fair Area, MAŞTİ-Research, MAŞTİ-University, Emeksiz-Fuar Field, Emeksiz-Araştırma, Emeksiz-Üniversite.
In tests carried out, the responses of the system and the vehicle are measured. Ten vehicles are loaded on the catenary line, the power is drawn from the transformers, the response of the catenary line and the response of the Trambus are measured.
In addition, the Trambus, which is loaded with a load from MAŞTİ, is stopped and moved as long as the passengers have to lower the loading time. Thus, the round trip time is measured and the tour times are determined zaman.
On the other hand, the Trambus tested in the city center attracted great interest from the public.



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