TEM Motorway Accident TIR has been overthrown!

TEM Motorway Accident TIR Devrildi: Istanbul, TEM highway, Başakşehir-İkitelli position, going to Edirne in the direction of the fabric loaded TIR was overthrown.
While the traffic was canceled, there were long vehicle queues on the highway. TEM Motorway İSTOÇ location was overthrown by taking out a TIR control in Edirne direction.
There was no traffic loss due to accident. According to the information obtained from the accident, TEM highway in the area of ​​Edirne İstoç location came to Edirne.
The driver was overthrown by slamming into the fabric-laden TIR barriers the wheel had lost control of. While there was no loss of life in the accident, there was a long traffic density on the TEM highway.
Following the accident, firefighters and police teams were referred to the case. Police crews were transported to the trust line with the help of a tilted TIR crane, while providing traffic in a controlled manner.
The fabrics on the TIR truck were shipped to the other trucks, which were brought to the scene with the help of the citizens.
Later on, the flatbed was taken to the trust strip by crane. Afterwards, traffic police were opened in a traffic controlled way.
In Istanbul, TEM highway, Başakşehir-İkitelli position, in the morning on the 07.00 ranks in a traffic accident, the TIR side of the fabric lay.
TIR driver, while surviving the accident with light abrasions; Due to the accident, long vehicle queues were formed on the TEM Motorway and O3 Motorway.
Faced with heavy traffic on Friday morning, drivers rebelled against this situation. Drivers who have always reported an accident in TEM, said that they were in traffic for a long time.




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