Traffic Signalization System Renewed in Tekirdag

Traffic Signalization System in Tekirdag is being renewed: Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department modernizes the traffic signaling that is taken over from the beginning of the year.
Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department initiated modernization of all signaling lamps throughout the province. Within the scope of studies, Çerkezköytraffic signaling lamps in the Republic Square.
Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, I Reached Department Head M. Zeki Georgün, in his statement regarding the modernization works carried out, “As the Transportation Department, we have also taken the traffic signalization signs at the crossroads and streets of Tekirdağ province. Now we will do their maintenance and renewal. Renovation works of signalization signs throughout the province were started. The new signaling signs are both more modern and give stronger light. In particular, I want to state that. Let our citizens immediately report the malfunctions that may occur in the traffic signalization signal lamps to 153 ”.
Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Çerkezköy The modernization of the traffic signaling lamps in Cumhuriyet Square was welcomed by the citizens, especially the drivers.


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