TCDD Marmaray High Speed ​​Train Promotion Film

Mega Constructions Marmaray Project
Mega Constructions Marmaray Project

TCDD, Marmaray, High Speed ​​Train Introduction Movie: TCDD; It transformed its ongoing knowledge and experience since 1856 into a corporate culture and aimed to contribute to the society and the country's economy by offering "fast", "safe" and "economical" transportation services to its customers in cooperation with its stakeholders on national and international platforms with its disciplined employees who are connected to railways. .

TCDD; Within the framework of its annual corporate objectives, it provides its customers with continuously improved service quality and diversity by following the modern technology in accordance with its employees, systems, infrastructure and superstructure and national policies and investments without compromising the quality management system requirements.

Marmaray is a railway improvement and development project of 76 km which combines the railway lines on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul with a tube tunnel passing under the Bosphorus. Halkalı and 14 km between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme were put into service on October 29. There are a total of 2013 stations, even 3 underground.

Project includes immersed tube tunnel (1.4 km), bored tunnels (total 9.4 km), cut and cover tunnels (total 2.4 km), three new underground stations, 37 aboveground stations (renovation and improvement), new operation control center, sites, workshops The maintenance facilities include a new third line to be built above ground and 440 modern railway vehicles to be procured.

1 “BC29 Rail Tube Tunnel Crossing and Stations in stage of these works divided into three stages was opened on October 2013. N CR2015 Suburban Lines Improvement ”stage planned to be completed in 3 Haydarpaşa-Gebze and Sirkeci-Halkalı the improvement of the sub-lines (electrical, mechanical and structural). In this context, on the Anatolian side, the average between two stations 4,5 km. 10, which is located on the European side, and 2 extra station will be opened. In the Fab CR2 Railway Vehicle Manufacturing X stage, 2014 wagon 20 with 5 wagons and 34 wagons will be operated until 10. Total 54 set is planned.

In 2005, with the effect of archaeological remains belonging to Byzantine Empire period and archaeological studies in Üsküdar, Sirkeci and Yenikapı regions, where the Bosphorus crossing was landed by Europe, X BC1 Rail Tube Tunnel Passage and Stations ğı phase of the project was completed approximately 4 yearly. The result of the excavations 4. During the 17th century, the port of Theodosius, the largest port of the city, was unearthed.


High Speed ​​Train (YHT), is Turkey's first high-speed train. With the start of the expedition yht'n Turkey among countries using this technology in Europe 6., 8 the world. country.

TCDD surveyed to determine the name of this train has made a poll in the high-rated ”Turkish Star”, Hızlı Turkuaz elen, ”Kardelen“, ”High Speed ​​Train“, ”Steel Wing yap, yüksek Lightning anket among the names such as High Speed ​​Train has been decided by the decision. .

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